Endgame: Syria


A game to learn about current affairs as you play


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Endgame: Syria is a strategy game in which the objective, far from killing all enemies or conquering territories, consists 'simply' of trying to make a peace agreement with the Syrian government.

The game, which aims to be educational, is based on the real conflict in Syria and is documented accordingly. It will suggest a series of situations that we'll have to try to resolve, by turns, using action cards that range from getting support from Turkey and other countries to evacuating refugees.

In addition to diplomacy, in Endgame: Syria you'll find a strong battle component in which the government troops will face yours. But of course, taking into account that the player takes control of the rebels, you will usually find yourself at a considerable disadvantage.

The graphic and audio sections of Endgame: Syria are no big deal, and in fact both are very minimalist. This means that everything you see in the game will be static images and all you'll hear are simple sounds.

Endgame: Syria is rather more educational than entertaining, and though it may not exactly provide hours of fun, it will help you understand the ins and outs of a very important modern conflict which is going on quite unnoticed.
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